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 [WKD] Official rules

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[WKD] InSim Admins
[WKD] InSim Admins

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PostSubject: [WKD] Official rules   Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:24 am

[General Rules]

1. Show respect to other cruisers. Don't argue with the Admins / Members!
Remember this is only a game. Therefore anger and insults are not needed try to keep WKD a pleasant place to drive in. There are often new cruisers joining so please show them comfort even if they are a bad drivers.

2. No Ramming / Crashing At Any Time.
You are to never crash anybody for any reason, blocking the road is not allowed, and revenge ramming is strictly forbidden as well.

3. You are to always remain on the correct side of the road.
Read the text when leaving pits to tell you which side to drive.

4. We are a Cruise server. So stunts and driving in out of bounds areas is not allowed. Go to [WKD] Offroad Server for that!

5. You are to not use Horn No.5 and Strobe as it is reserved for Police Only!

6. No Swearing / Insulting, Abusive language.
This is similar to showing respect, do not swear or insult / upset any other player. Racism is definitely not tolerated any racism will be dealt with harshly.

7. Never involve yourself in a Police chase, if you are near a police chase please try keep clear for the police to pass, never follow a chase or get involved in it.

8. Please Speak English at all times in main chat or use !pm

9. Do not use [WKD] skins or skins with offensive material.

10. Vehicle Mods are not allowed if they alter the shape or velocity of your vehicle greatly.

11. Bug Exploiting Is Not Allowed.
If you find an LFS or Insim Bug please report it to an admin.

12. Stunts may only be performed in certain areas, as long as it is safe from other cruisers and it doesn’t cause any accidents.

13. Do not try to avoid the AFK. Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban from our server.

14. Do not start flame wars on the server: Complaints, issues and controversial matters are to be discussed on the forum.

15. It is obligatory to pay the cop-fine, if you feel it was unfair then pay the fine and post a report.

16. When chased, stop your car immediately. If not, you are responsible for the consequences.

17. No offending name tags, "unnamed" or 1 letter usernames: Use a proper name.

18. Begging for money is not allowed.

19. Blocking messages is not allowed.

20. Spamming is not allowed.

21. Reverse driving is not allowed.


23. RB4 tricks like super spinning are NOT allowed!

24. Team Skins
You aren't allowed to use skins with [WKD] tags on it without approvel from administrators!

25. [WKD] Team Tag
If you are a Member / Admins / Co-Owner / Owner You need to use a WKD Tag If you are drifting.

26. Warning`s
**Warning 1 = Kick
**Warning 2 = Kick
**Warning 3 = Ban / Kick

27. AFK Tags will be kicked or spectated, depending on the place you are standing.

28. You must drive 500klms on WKD Servers before you can Rent Cars off other players.

*** = Yet to be approved by a admin or owner. Put in "Approved by " , remove rule if not approved.

[Civilian Rules]

Civilian Cars

1. Do not harass the cadets / officers. Do not provoke / follow the police chase. Do not try to help the chased cars. Do not block the parked police cars. Always follow the cop-instructions. Do not drift / donuts around stationary police cars. Don't block the road. Always park at the Parking Area To go AFK.

2. If you cause accident says sorry at all times!

3. Strobe / Flashing lights / Horn 5 should never be used by civilians. They are reserved for use by Police and Tow vehicles.

4. If someone calls VikingTow, civilians must not try to help the civilian, and must leave it to the VikingTow member.

5. Use a neutral skins. Do not use any skin that is similar to or suggestive of being a police or tow skin.


1. No speeding in the pitlane!

2. Do not do drift, burnouts or other stunts in the pits.

3. Do not drive over pit boxes to avoid crashes with people leaving garages.

4. Do not block the pitlane, do not park on the driving path.

5. Do not drive or park in other people's garages. You might block their spawn point.

Chased Cars

1. Do not leave the chase. Do not jump back to pits (shift p), go into spectator mode (shift s) or leave the server!
WARNING! Running from busts: 5000€ (Automatic Fines)

2. If the InSim states that you are busted, you are arrested. Wait for instructions from the Officer(s) involved.

3. Try as much as possible to stay on the correct side of the road. Being in a chase is no excuse for hitting other cars, and will be treated like ramming.

4. If your car goes out of bounds, you are arrested.

5. Always pay the fine to the Officer(s). Make sure you are within 20m of their cars when paying. You only use the Refuse button if you do not agree with the chase reason(s)!

6. If you think the fine unfair, don't argue. Post on the forum with a replay to get a refund.

[TowTruck Rules]

TowTruck Duty... !ct if you need Service \ Tow

You need 1500 km to become a TOW! (NO Automatic)


1. General Rules

Follow the general rules at all times:

2. Commands
!duty - On-Off duty - If you go AFK Off duty Strictly required!
!at - Call accepted

3. Name Tag
Tow cars must use "VikingTow•" in their name to be identified as tow cars.

4. Status
Tow cars are equal to civilian cars and can be chased. Speeding, drifting, wrong side, dangerous driving not allowed! (Speeding then only can when responding to a Tow call.) When chased, stop your car immediately!

5. Skins
Tow cars must wear a skin which clearly identifies the car as a tow car.

6. Caution sign
Example: <<< WARNING! Broken CAR on the ROAD! SLOW DOWN! >>>
The caution sign must only be used if there is a clear danger on the driving path.
Do not use it when driving to an incident.

7. Strobe/Flashing lights may only be used when on scene.
Do not use when driving to an incident. Horn not allowed!
LFS Strobe 1.4 >

8. Free service. Donations allowed. Begging for money is not tolerated.

9. Recommended Tow Cars: XRT, RB4, FXR

10. VikingTow Screenshot

[Police Rules]

You need 3000 km to become a cadet! (Automatic) NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE
Officer Template >


!duty - On-Off duty - If you go AFK Off duty Strictly required!
!chase - Engage a chase with the nearest player to you.
!unchase - Disengage a suspect vehicle.
!backup - Request backup from any other cops on duty.
!settrap <km/h> - Set a speed trap in kmh to warn of speeders.
!fines - Legal Min/Max fines for Police Dept.
!policehelp - Police Help screen.
!cc <message> - Send all on duty cops a message.

General Rules

Follow the general rules at all times:


1. Name Tag
Cops must carry the tag “Cadet•” in their name.

2. Skins
Police must use a skin that easily identifies the car as a Police car.

New British XFR, FXR and FZR SO4 Police skins

3. Behavior
Cops are expected to behave and act like cops. No swearing, insulting, namecalling. Do not provoke the civilian cars.

4. Road Laws
Cadets / Officers must obey road laws when not in a chase. Allways respect the speed limits! Drive on the correct side of the road. No ramming, donuts, burnouts, drifting, tailgating.

5. Roadblocks
Cops may setup roadblocks to stop a suspect. Randomly placed roadblocks are forbidden. The car(s) forming a roadblock must not move after it is in view of the suspect.

6. Parking
Cops are not allowed to fine other users for improper parking. The cop must ask the driver to move along or please report it to an admin.

7. Caution sign
Example: <<< STOP! POLICE! PULL OVER! >>>
The caution sign must only be used if there is a clear danger on the driving path.

8. Strobe 1.4 / Flashing lights/ Horn 5 should never be used under normal driving conditions. LFS Strobe 1.4 / Flashing lights / Horn 5 must be used when in a chase.
LFS Strobe 1.4 >

9. Use WKD PD license plate. (Standard colours)

Police in Chase

1. Road Laws
Cops may break road laws only in case of a chase or joining a chase. +10mph or 16kmh speeding allowed! Be sure not to put other players in danger. Try to drive on the right side.

2. Siren
An audible siren (Horn 5) should be used when other vehicles are near.
Police Siren >

3. Contact
Make sure the suspect knows he is being pursued before making any physical contact. Condition 1 physical contact not allowed!

4. Light Force
Force may only be used if the suspect failed to stop. Do not ram the suspect. Use calculated nudges, block the car.

5. PIT Maneuver >

6. Rechase - Rejoining
You are not allowed to rechase! Just engage 1 time per chase! Do not rejoin the chase you have already been a part of!

How to Cadets - Officers?

- First !chase (Reason required!)
- Start the Flash lights / Strobe
- Follow the suspect. (Speeding now allowed!)

Only start a chase if you see or believe that the civilian is committing an offense. If you are not sure if they are speeding or not, travel as fast as them, and if it is over the limit, chase them.

1. Chase Reasons

Speeding - +10mph or 16kmh speeding allowed! Maximum 200€
Driving on the wrong side. Maximum 100€
Dangerous driving - Slow driving, Ramming, Dangerous donuts, burnouts, drifting, tailgating. Maximum 100€
Do not pay Toll. Maximum 100€
Note: Illegal parking - The cop must ask the driver to move along or please report it to an admin. Admins / Members illegal parking not allowed!

2. Conditions

Condition 1 – Follow the suspect, no kind of force is allowed. Physical contact not allowed! (60 sec and !chase again)
Condition 2 – Suspect refuses to stop. Use light force where safe! BUT NOT HARD! (Backup allowed)
Condition 3 – Suspect pursuit is becoming dangerous. Civilians beware! (PIT Maneuver allowed)
Condition 4 – All available units join force at your discretion! (Roadblocks allowed)
Note: You are not allowed to rejoin a chase! Just engage 1 time per chase!

3. Fines

Warn ticket: Reason required!
Condition 1: Maximum 500€
Condition 2: 500€ - 1300€
Condition 3: 1300€ - 2500€
Condition 4: 2500€ - 3500€
Condition 5: 3500€ - 5000€
WARNING! Running from busts: 5000€ (Automatic Fines)

4. Tickets

Warn Ticket

Fine Ticket

5. Cadet Screenshot

Who does not follow the rules of the Cadet / Officer rights removed immediately!

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[WKD] Official rules
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